Monday, November 30, 2009

Texas Hold Em Strategy Remember These Tips

hold em strategy
When you are playing texas hold em on internet, you should be thorough with texas hold em strategy. If you don't use the strategy well then you would lose the game. There are various things you should memorize before playing the game.

1. Two hole cards which you hold, are the only ways to win. If you don't utilize them properly you would lose.
2. Face up cards can be used by any player, you should not only focus on the means of the cards to other players, you should also focus on how they help you to divert other players attention.

Texas hold em strategy, key lies in evaluating the cards. If you can evaluate your cards well and make moves accordingly, surely you would win. Most of the players get a common doubt "how to know whether my card is good or not"
A common rule says that cards and their strengths are totally dependent on the number of players at the table. Also, players should quit before the preflop if they have non paired cards less than 10.

In case of big blind players should put in force bets, because in case of big blind force bets work well, even if players have weak hands.

Online Poker Strategy of Overcoming Bankroll Errors

online poker pro strategy

If you are playing an online casino poker game, you require poker strategy to beat it. On internet you cannot see your opponents, so what is the way to thwart them? There is only one way and that is bankroll management. Bankroll management is an excellent online poker strategy which allows you to manage money, and get out of the game winning. Main difference between conventional poker and online poker is poker chips. Online, you cannot manage poker chips or you don't know when to put chips in excess. If you can know about them very well then that would become an excellent online poker strategy, which takes you to heights.

Internet poker is always a difficult game to play, but if you can implement bankroll management,internet poker strategy, then you would definitely win the game. Bankroll management has various issues to deal with, you have to manage all things without losing the game. In order to know more about bankroll management and internet poker strategy, you need to read poker ebooks, then act as excellent guides for learning poker and also implementing it to the best use.

Never play in online casinos, which offer you high bonuses, always inquire about casino reputation and then only join that casino.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Limit Hold Em Strategy

holdem strategy

Limit Hold em is entirely different from no limit hold em. If you wish to play limit hold em you should be good at limit hold em strategy. There are various tips, to play limit hold em. Here are some of the key hold em strategy techniques, for your mutual benefits.
1. Choose a poker hold em table.
Choosing a good table is the first hold em strategy, if you choose a good table you will be able to make it to the top. This table allows you to do a lot of preflop action. Thus allowing you to earn more money.
2.While the game goes on, always keep a watch on the strength of your hand. You should use poker tells, other betting patterns and use some methods for knowing about hands of your fellow opponents.
3. How you treat your own cards, plays a key hold em strategy in the game. Even if you have weak hands, you shouldn't show your poker tells. Weak hands can turn into strong hands and vice-versa in limit hold em game.
4. Its always good to watch your position in the game, in a limit hold em game position plays a key role.
5. In a limit hold em game you should always "limp in" with raising bets, and put up an aggressive strategy.

Importance of Best Poker Strategy

best poker strategy

Top poker strategy is quite essential for leading a main role in the game of poker. Its always good to employ best poker strategy, but what does this best mean? Any strategy which leads you to success can be termed best. Deemed to be the best, doesn't conventionally mean to be the best. If you choose a strategy, it should help you in making the best approach to the game. Best poker strategy helps you in making it to the top in all rounds. It allows you to take an upper edge over your opponents and will also help you in knowing the key issues of the game.

Generally if you wish to implement the best poker strategy, you should know about the type of game you are playing. For example: No limit hold em requires one particular strategy, and the limit hold em game requires the other. So, the best poker strategy is said to be the one, which allows you to take easy steps at the time of difficulties. In case of no limit games, you have to implement a strategy which weakens your hand post pre flop, and improves your hand pre-flop. This is the reason, why professionals always ask players to understand poker rules first, before implementing top poker strategy

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Poker Lessons or Tips

best poker lesson

I have been in this power world since 10 years, all through this journey i have learnt some of the best poker lessons. Last time when i was playing the poker tournament in an conventional casino, i have to flop the preflop and fold, but the cards which i had were good. In that situation, i had only choice of bluffing my poker opponents. Of course i knew that all players sitting with me were professionals, but i just put my instincts into action. I have implemented the best poker lesson i have learnt: "Indulge yourself in the game, and try to compete with the least significant player", i did the same thing. I compelled myself to be strong, and tried to show my strength in my face. The confidence which i showed, made other players thing that i have a weak hand, and made them fold. Generally, in the art of bluffing weak hands prove to be strong and vice versa.
When i implemented the best poker lesson, or best poker tip, players had to fall to my prey. I cared to be strong enough, because i had a strong hand. That is what made them fool, and they raised. Best poker lessons or tips are easy to learn and understand. On internet you can find many poker tutorials and e books. You can find vital information from them, and make use of those techniques in the game

Online Poker Legal or Illegal

poker legal or illegal

Every one does get this doubt, some say poker is legal and some others say poker is illegal. In my point of view, the government still didn't declare any rule saying that poker is illegal, hence poker is a legal game. Online gambling act and poker authority of the world have declared a joint statement, saying that poker is a legal game and every one can play poker. Some people don't like the art of gambling because, they feel that players get addicted to the game.

Even an international game like cricket is also an addiction right? Cricket betting's and other issues can ruin lives as well. Online poker legal, yes that is really true. You can play poker online unlimitedly, and one benefit of playing poker online is that you need not put in any money. You can play poker for free, in any online casino. If you are a beginner or an expert, you can still win money without spending a single penny. There are many free online casinos, which help players in playing poker for free on internet. Players have to put in time, and nothing else into the casino for playing the game

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beginners Guide to Poker Bonuses

poker bonus for beginners
Beginners poker guide explains about poker bonuses, and factors effecting poker bonuses. Beginners poker guide can be found online, it helps players in knowing secrets of poker bonuses, and helps players in making good table selection, selecting right online casino, and also choosing proper poker chips. Here i would explain the basic rule for poker table selection. A poker table plays a key role, and helps you choose right poker bonus. If you are confused, then proceed further to know more about it.
Poker table selection helps you in choosing a right table, and sitting at a proper position. If you are worried about this don't be. Generally when you go to a conventional casino you will come across many tables. Its always good to select a table, at the center of the casino. Any table which exists, in corners is a dummy and that allows you to earn meager money. Always choose a table, with less players and take a position near to the dealer. See to it that you come to the left of dealer, and not right. Of course, this depends on the game you select. If you are playing Texas holdem limit game, then its good to sit away from dealer. If you are playing no limit then its good to sit, near to the dealer.

You can choose poker bonuses based on members at the table, few online casinos offer bonuses based on your position at the table. You can choose them, and make the best use.

UK Poker Sites and Gambling

UK poker sites

Every time you think of gambling online, where would you go? Of course you would be searching online for "UK poker sites". Yes, if you are a citizen of UK(United Kingdom), and if you wish to play poker then best place you would search for is internet. Online you can find many UK poker sites, offering handsome bonuses and poker freerolls. Why should you play only in UK Poker Sites, why not in USA poker sites. Well of course, its difficult to answer this question. In USA the Internet Gambling Law, is prevailing. It ordered USA citizens not to play poker, in any other casino or in any USA casino. USA has stopped gambling legally, but still the case is filed in the court to help USA citizens play poker in UK,AUS and other poker sites. Until today the judgment has not come yet, but still players are playing games in UK poker sites. There is no such rule that USA or only UK citizens should play in UK Poker Casinos. However, few online poker rooms, allow only citizens of UK and prevent USA citizens from gambling in their casino.

Some of the online casinos which accept USA citizens are:
1.Cake Poker
2.Carbon Poker
3.Full Tilt Poker
4.Poker Stars
5.Ultimate Bet
7. Players Only

All these are some of the best UK poker sites known for allowing players to play poker online.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Importance of Online Poker Tells

conventional poker tells

Online poker tells are not similar to offline or conventional poker tells. A tell can actually be defined as a movement or some action, which helps your opponent know about your cards. Generally poker tells are used offline rather than online, however while playing online there are some areas where players display their poker tells. Sometimes if you observe the way players play after seeing cards, you can come to know about their poker tells. For example: If a player keeps chatting continuously, and suddenly he stops talking after seeing cards, then you can understand that he is tensed seeing the card.
On the other hand if you see players saying strange words, then you have to assume that they have a strong hand, they use the art of bluffing to reveal their cards as weak. You shouldn't fall to such predictions and assume that they have a strong hand.

In an online game if a player calls quickly using two flush cards or two straight cards then it means a draw. Most of the players debate a call, you can assume such players as weak. If a person keeps raising preflop and drops flop, then assume that he is going to hit.

Poker Tells Part of Poker Strategy

online poker tells
Generally when a player wishes to play poker online, first thing that comes into his mind is "opponent process theory'. In this theory player learns tips to bluff his opponent using poker tells. Poker tells are poker strategy are interrelated to each other, a poker tell can be an action or any physical movement which helps the player in knowing about his opponent. Sometimes players display strong poker tells, and sometimes they display weaker ones. Whatever may be his/her's poker tell its always good to keep an eye on them, and make moves accordingly. Professional poker players use different poker tells, and take actions against their opponents. Such poker tells are of no use, because professionals know very well how to hide these poker tells.

Poker tells are perfect poker strategies because, these strategies not only depict physical behavior, they also show how strong is an opponent at head. These physical poker tells and mental poker tells, can be used only before the preflop. Its not good to check the poker tell of an opponent post preflop because its not only dangerous, but its also invaluable.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Online Gambling: How to Play Games On Internet

2009 wsop winner Joe Cada

Generally, when you search on internet some games related information, you see gambling information over it. What is online gambling? what exactly does it do? Online gambling is playing online games, related to gambling. You can play varieties of online games, and generate some real money. Well, you shouldn't be confused because this is exactly true.
Gambling, though people say its an illegal business i don't agree. Gambling is a legal business according to the "Gambling Act", and poker is a legal game which is majorly gambled by most of the players. Poker is the best way to generate income online, thousands of poker players today live a millionaire, or billionaire life. Some of the top poker players living a luxury life are: JOE CADA(2009 WSOP event winner), Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth etc. All these top poker players, love the game of poker and live in it. All these poker players serve one or the other top online casios, in the world. For example: JOE CADA serves FULL TILT POKER. He is probably one of the best poker young enthusiasts ever seen. Just at the age of 21 he earned the 2009 WSOP event, that is really great taint it?

Convenience of Playing Poker Online

play poker online

Online poker is a sure way to earn money online, today most of the people play poker online and win lots of money. Though there are many ways to earn money, why do people choose only poker?Its because poker is an easy to play and learn game. Poker can be played anywhere on the internet in a reputed online casino. Players doesn't require any money to play poker online. Players can learn the game using poker e-books or any other poker game tutorial.
Players can play poker online either with real money or with virtual money, playing poker online with real money wouldn't be a profitable business. Its because, there are many frauds online. These people can easily take away your money, if you are a beginner.

Instead of that players can play poker online, using virtual money. Virtual money helps players playing poker online, to play the game efficiently without any loss. As there wont be any real money involved, players wont get any loss. Virtual money is a sure way to earn profit online, generally new casinos propose this concept and allow players to play poker online.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Love Money Then Improve Your Poker Strategy

best poker strategy
Poker is not only a game of skill, its also a game which allows you to earn millions of dollars. Yes, this is really true you can earn thousands of dollars from home through online poker. Online poker, if you wish to play it well then you need to know about online poker strategy. There are thousands of online games, each and every game has its own style and rules.
If you can understand the game and implement a poker strategy, which implements the poker rules and makes move forward, then definitely you would win the game. Online poker strategy is nothing but a system. A systematic approach to the game that allows you to understand your opponents, and take strategical steps against their moves.
As i already said in the beginning poker is a game of skill, it can be beaten only if the player masters all the necessary skills.

Poker strategy can be defined a a skill, which allows a player to thwart his opponents in the game and win it in a consistent period of time.

Some of The Major Online Poker Rooms

top online poker sites
Online poker has been in the pace since the beginning of internet. Thousands of players and millions of revenue had been possible only because of online poker. Today, poker is not only a game of recognition, its a brand. Thousands of online casinos and conventional casinos, have poker as their main game of reference. Varieties of poker games can be found on internet. Some of them generate revenue, while some of them provide entertainment.

Whatever may be their goal of setup, their main ideology is to entertain players and allow them to earn money. We are having many online casinos and top among them are as follows.

1. Lucky Ace Poker
2. Titan Poker
3. Party Poker
4. Mansion Poker
5. Red Kings Poker
6. Poker 770
7. Pacific Poker
8. Paradise Poker
9. Ladbrokes Poker
10. Hollywood Poker

These are some of the top online poker rooms,however there are many other online poker rooms as well, but these are some of the most prominent and trusted rooms.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Poker Tips From Pros For Game Improval

poker tips from pros

Professional poker players, unlike normal players have different mindset. These people don't see the game as something which allows them to earn money, they see the game as something which is more challenging and efficient. Professional poker players have given out some tips for beginners. These tips would be very useful to beginners, and they could allow beginners to make it to the top in all poker games.

Here are some of the beginners poker tips
1. Players should not play more hands, they should be ready to fold for the maximum time.
2. Its always good to play the game actively, not addicted i.e. A player should not play the game, drunken.
3. Bluffing is an essence of the game, it should be used limited. Over dose can cause a stir in the game.
4. Its not good to stay in the hand, even though you are already into it. You should proceed to further levels estimating moves of other players.
5. Its always to be honest, and keep your hand raised at the end.

Free Online Poker or Fee Online Poker

free online poker games

Free online poker is something which you can play without spending a penny, on the other hand fee online poker is something which should be played by paying fee. Players have various options to choose from on internet. They can use real money and play in real online casinos, or they can play in free online casinos. Playing games in real casinos is good enough to earn real money, but they are challenging and risky.

There are many frauds in online poker world, these people grab away all your money and put you on zero balance. Its a risky factor, which makes you lose all you have. Instead of playing poker in real casinos, its good to play poker in a free virtual casino.

A free virtual casino can also be called as a promotional casino. It can either be a newbie into online industry, or it can be a popular variant of real casino. For example: Full Tilt Poker, is a well known real casino, it has opened a virtual website which allows players to download games onto desktop and play. This casino offers virtual casino poker bonuses, for freshers. Freshers can play this game, without spending any single penny from their pocket. This is really good right? You can play the game, as well as win money without any risk.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Achieving Success Playing Online Poker

 online poker player

If you ask me why should i play poker, then i would say ultimately to win money and recognition. Well of course our strengths can be converted to weaknesses and vice versa. Poker is an international card game, having thousands of fans and admirers. When you have love then of course, you will have hatred too. When i started playing poker, most of my family members opposed me saying that "gambling is illegal", i never listened to them, because i believed in my abilities. Seriously when the first time i played poker, i felt quite happy and satisfied. I never got distracted and got addicted to poker.

My whole life i spent time on learning and earning money through poker, and this time i am going to play the world's first international tournament. What makes me feel proud is that i an not addicted to poker, but instead i just learn the game. I have achieved success in playing online poker, and now i am the leader to myself. I love playing this game and i would continue playing this game, until i get dejected.

Achieve Sucess in Free Online Poker

play poker online for free

Have you ever had a thought why you should play poker in an online casino, when you have many real conventional casinos? Well of course there is no necessity to play poker online, but when you play on internet you would know a whole lot about the game, than what you know in a conventional casino. Not only that, in an online casino you can play free poker games. You can enjoy your time in a free online casino and earn real money. Thousands of players know about free online casinos, and that is why most of them love playing poker online.

Conventional gaming is tough as well as risky.You should put in real money to play conventional games, if you lose then you would be losing all your money. On the other hand in online casinos there is nothing to lose, as you would be playing free online casino games. Free online poker has got craze in recent years, because of the "real money earning" concept. Players can win real money online, its a fact not something out of our mindset. Free online poker websites offer you casino bonuses, and allow you to generate income. You should be spending time and your brain, and nothing else. You can surely win real money online.

Cheating Success is Holdem Poker Failure

Cheating Holdem Poker

Well you might have got confused with my topic, but yes. If you cheat poker players in holdem game then you would ultimately repent. The habit of cheating doesn't work well in hold'em poker. Since the beginning of the game you will not have time or gap to cheat your opponents, However you will have some time to manage your skills and express your views on other opponents. This is where the art of bluffing works well. You will have less time to grab attention of fellow players, and bring them onto your way.

If you start cheating players by giving out wrong calls, you will come out on losing side. Don't ever think that players are out smarted, players are mentally strong to know about your cheating tactics. Players will definitely watch out your moves, and will be ready to show you off their moves. Its always good to be calm, and grab things when required.

Cheating is not possible in case of conventional holdem poker. However, you can practice the habit of cheating on online holdem poker.

Play Holdem Dont Forget Pre-flop Strategy

pre-flop strategy

Hold'em is an international card game, which should be played efficiently. You should know about pre-flop strategy and post flop strategy in order to win the game. What do you exactly mean by the world pre-flop. Basically in a poker game there are many rounds, and flop is also an important round. If you are playing the game before the flop then it is called as preflop and if you are playing the game after the flop, then it is called as post flop.

Ethics say that post flop and pre flop strategies are entirely different. Poker pros follow different methods post and pre flop to succeed in the game. Playing the game efficiently using the pre flop strategy, is higly recommended.

While thinking of preflop strategy player, should count the heads of other players present on the table. Its always good to know about current position, before actually playing the game. Sometimes ,postion means a lot and sometimes it doesnt. Its always good to know your position and plan things out

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cash Game Strategy: The Beginners Guide

Cash Game Strategy
Prop bets play a leading role in the game, if you wish to juice out the most of the game then you have to use p rop bets, there’s no alternative other than this. Prop bets also called as proposition bets are dynamites
used in tables. These bets are good enough to lead players to the top. While playing a poker game your main goal should be to get other players to gambling. You should not make them realize that you are planning to take those players out of the comfort zone. You should allow them to know your style, and that style should be unfamiliar to them.

Sometimes professional players change the mindsets of other players. When they play Hold’em they change mindsets of opponents and make them comfortable, showing them the game play of Omaha than hold’em. In a cash game it’s really important to open up an efficient cash game strategy, against your opponents. If you cannot do so then ultimately you would lose. Prop bets are further classified into two types, namely full table and one-on-one. The 7 deuce game belongs to the first category and the Texas holdem belongs to the second. If you can make use of this prop bet poker strategy well, then you would definitely win the cash game.

7 Card Stud Strategy

7 card stud strategy

If you ask me is there any keystone to beat 7 card stud then I would say it’s the bluffing. Bluffing is the most popular 7 card stud strategy, which helps in making it to the top. Though bluffing is consistently good, it’s not good to use the tunnel or dark bluff. This bluff doesn’t divert attention of other players, but will make you dull and keep you out of the place.

Dark bluffs are generally made by players because players like to play poker, just like they play roulette. In order to run an efficient 7 card stud strategy players should exactly know about the art of bluffing. They should know about making a true bluff at the right time in peak hours of the game. In order to make a true bluff players should understand mindset of their opponent, and should also know about the board’s texture. Its always good to know about betting patterns and odds of cards, of other players before using the art of bluff against them. There are different kinds of players on the board, some of them will be aggressive, while some of them will be sharks. You should watch them carefully and make your 7 card stud strategy work.

Ring Game Strategy VS Tournament Strategy

Poker Tournament Strategy
Ring games also called as single player games are far more different from tournaments. A ring game strategy is limited to few members, on the other hand a tournament strategy is unpredictable. Every time the hand changes, the player will change and different method should be employed to throw him out. This is why most of the players are afraid of playing poker tournaments.

If you are playing a poker tournament then you should be careful of implementing the ring game strategy. Although a poker tournament is an extension of ring game you should watch the game properly and make moves efficiently. In a poker tournament your normal ring game strategy wouldn't work. You should add some spice to that strategy, along with some efficient poker bluff and implement the same in the game.

Note: If you are playing a poker tournament, then understand its basic rules. As there are three variants in tournaments learn them and understand them well, before actually playing

Omaha Hi-lo Poker Strategy

Omaha hi-lo poker strategy

Omaha poker is the most popular hold em variant played online. This game is not so easy as hold em, but the benefits it provides are splendid.

Before knowing about omaha hi-lo strategy players should know about omaha. They should know that omaha is a hand game which is purely strategical. Poker bluffing would really work well if players can use it properly. Omaha poker strategy says that omaha should be played as a game of non-accuracy. Players should watch out their opponents, estimate opponent's hands properly and make moves.

In omaha poker the art of bluffing is said to be quite dangerous post pre-flop. In omaha poker random outcomes are common, players should watch out and predict moves of their opponents and implement strong omaha poker strategy, otherwise everything would go out to mess, and whole thing goes wrong.

Texas Holdem Odds

Odds or occurrences say about how frequently cards appear on the table. Texas hold em odds help players in playing the hold em game efficiently and strategically. There are many limit and no limit Texas Hold em odds out there.

Here are some of the possibilities of Hand Combination's.

 Texas Holdem Odds
You can understand these combination s quite well.

1. Pairs include AA, KK, JJ, QQ, 1010, and so on.
2. Suited High cards include: AQ AK AJ A10 K10 KQ KJ QJ Q10 J10
3. Unsuited High cards include: AQ AJ AK A10 KJ KQ K10 Q10 QJ QK
4. Low suited and Medium Connectors Include : These connectors include both UN-gap and gap connectors. 109 108 j9 97 98 86 87 76 75 65 64 53 54

Texas Holdem Strategy Tips

 Texas Holdem Strategy

Texas hold em is an international card game, known for its easiness. Any player who wishes to play hold em game online should know about Texas holdem strategy. If players don't know about hold em strategy they cannot make it to the top. Its always good to know about hold em strategy before playing the game.

Here are some of the common Hold em Strategies:
1. Its always good to play quickly before the preflop and that too, playing fast pairs and good hands would highly be beneficial.
2. Its not good to draw to both ends, or to a low end of the straight.
3. Low pairs are really helpful, and its always good to use low pairs for playing hold em. Although they are really important, players should play low pairs smootly.
4. Checking raisers chips is said to be a good strategy in hold em. If players check raisers chips, and know their poker tells then it would be easy for them to move ahead, and grab their chips.
5. Suited flops are said to be dangerous, players should watch them while playing hold em game.

NL Holdem Strategy

NL Texas Holdem Strategy

No limit hold em is a variant of Texas Hold em. A player who plays no limit hold em game efficiently, is said to be the best strategical player. Playing no limit hold em game will be
difficult if players cannot follow no limit hold em strategy. No limit hold em strategy helps players in playing the game quite efficiently.

No limit hold em strategy depends on the playing conditions i.e both pre-flop and post flop. While playing a no limit holdem game, players should not make mistakes. Players should be aware of consequences. They should play no limit hold em game efficiently. They should not use poker bluff, in a no limit hold em game. Poker bluffing is said to be a major dis-advantage in no limit holdem. Playing poker efficiently is always good, but if players play the game with less care, then they would repent in future.

An important no limit hold em strategy is: Always play suited connectors well. If you can use suited connectors well, then you can improve your hand rankings in last rounds. You should also select connectors of decent size. You shouldn't misuse them and repent later.

Texas Holdem Game Strategy

Texas Hold'em Strategy

Players if you don't know about Texas hold em poker strategy, don't worry. We are here to help you out and make the things work well. Texas Hold em is the most popular online casino game, which should be played only by using an efficient hold em online poker strategy. If you don't know how to play the game don't worry. I will help you out with few hold em strategy tips.

Texas holdem should be played consistently for some period of time. Here are some of the Texas Hold em strategies you should follow:

1. Playing aggressively against other players.
2. Tight aggressive approach is always good in online hold em.
3. Its always good to know about movements of your opponents, before playing with them.
4. Poker bluffing is always a good technique to use while playing poker online.
5. Playing aggressively post flop is not a good idea, especially in online hold em.

Online Texas Hold em is entirely different from normal conventional Texas Hold em game. If you implement same strategy for both of them, then you would lose money.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top Featured Online Poker Games

 Top Online Poker Games

There are varieties of online poker games on internet. You can either play them on internet or you can download their software, onto your desktop and play them. Thousands of online casino games offer you priceless bonuses and extraordinary benefits. Playing online poker games on internet is quite beneficial than playing games in conventional casinos. Generally conventional casinos are known for providing featured casino games, but problem with them is around their casino rules. Online casinos don't offer high level bonuses and highlighting features. These casinos just look out for games, with real time cash generation.

Online casinos don't consider casinos rules, they just consider convenience of online gamers. Online casino games offer splendid benefits and high level bonuses. These bonuses help conventional players to shift to online casinos, and play casino games for free without spending money. Real time online casinos allow players to play online poker games for free, and live with other players. Few online casinos allow players to become poker affiliates and play casino games for free, and also generate revenue for spreading their casino's reputation.