Friday, December 11, 2009

Pot Limit Omaha Brief Introduction

omaha pot limit
Omaha Pot Limit Brief Introduction
PLO or the pot limit Omaha is the most popular poker game played online. Thousands of people from Europe and other Eastern countries love to play Omaha pot limit poker online. In this game you would find both ‘mixed’ as well as ‘high stakes’ games. Most of the players love to play hi pot limit Omaha poker than the low Omaha pot limit game.

PLO is said to be a drawing, in which a player would draw to a nut hand. In this game players can easily beat second best straights and flushes, and make it to the final. In Omaha pot limit game pot size plays a key role, generally when you are playing the game the pot size keeps increasing, and it becomes difficult for you to manage, this is the reason why at the end of the game immense profits or loses come out. Most of the reverse implied odds are seen in Omaha pot limit game.

Redraws play a key role in pot limit Omaha game. Here we would discuss in brief about the redraws and how they are actually seen in Omaha pot limit game. In order to win the game you should have a strong hand, in PLO or pot limit Omaha poker nuts along with redraw is said to be a strong hand. A simple example would be of immense help in here.

Suppose if the board has J Q 10 and you have K Q A Q then you are lucky. It’s because you not only have nuts Ace and King but you also have redraws two queens and board pairs. This is a good combination which helps you in winning the Omaha pot limit game. If you are having the K A Q Q combination then you are said to have a better hand than the previous one, and this would boost your hand strength further. Your hand is said to be better than the previous one because you have both flush as well as royal flush redraws. When compared to J Q 10 K A Q Q is 80 times much powerful, and it will help you in winning the full pot without much difficulty. Also players who have pair of queens along with two spades are said to have a better 55-45 change against the random aced king hand. In pot limit Omaha poker everything from flushes, nut straights, or even sets can be double edged sword.


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