Wednesday, November 18, 2009

7 Card Stud Strategy

7 card stud strategy

If you ask me is there any keystone to beat 7 card stud then I would say it’s the bluffing. Bluffing is the most popular 7 card stud strategy, which helps in making it to the top. Though bluffing is consistently good, it’s not good to use the tunnel or dark bluff. This bluff doesn’t divert attention of other players, but will make you dull and keep you out of the place.

Dark bluffs are generally made by players because players like to play poker, just like they play roulette. In order to run an efficient 7 card stud strategy players should exactly know about the art of bluffing. They should know about making a true bluff at the right time in peak hours of the game. In order to make a true bluff players should understand mindset of their opponent, and should also know about the board’s texture. Its always good to know about betting patterns and odds of cards, of other players before using the art of bluff against them. There are different kinds of players on the board, some of them will be aggressive, while some of them will be sharks. You should watch them carefully and make your 7 card stud strategy work.

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