Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UK Poker Sites and Gambling

UK poker sites

Every time you think of gambling online, where would you go? Of course you would be searching online for "UK poker sites". Yes, if you are a citizen of UK(United Kingdom), and if you wish to play poker then best place you would search for is internet. Online you can find many UK poker sites, offering handsome bonuses and poker freerolls. Why should you play only in UK Poker Sites, why not in USA poker sites. Well of course, its difficult to answer this question. In USA the Internet Gambling Law, is prevailing. It ordered USA citizens not to play poker, in any other casino or in any USA casino. USA has stopped gambling legally, but still the case is filed in the court to help USA citizens play poker in UK,AUS and other poker sites. Until today the judgment has not come yet, but still players are playing games in UK poker sites. There is no such rule that USA or only UK citizens should play in UK Poker Casinos. However, few online poker rooms, allow only citizens of UK and prevent USA citizens from gambling in their casino.

Some of the online casinos which accept USA citizens are:
1.Cake Poker
2.Carbon Poker
3.Full Tilt Poker
4.Poker Stars
5.Ultimate Bet
7. Players Only

All these are some of the best UK poker sites known for allowing players to play poker online.

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