Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NL Holdem Strategy

NL Texas Holdem Strategy

No limit hold em is a variant of Texas Hold em. A player who plays no limit hold em game efficiently, is said to be the best strategical player. Playing no limit hold em game will be
difficult if players cannot follow no limit hold em strategy. No limit hold em strategy helps players in playing the game quite efficiently.

No limit hold em strategy depends on the playing conditions i.e both pre-flop and post flop. While playing a no limit holdem game, players should not make mistakes. Players should be aware of consequences. They should play no limit hold em game efficiently. They should not use poker bluff, in a no limit hold em game. Poker bluffing is said to be a major dis-advantage in no limit holdem. Playing poker efficiently is always good, but if players play the game with less care, then they would repent in future.

An important no limit hold em strategy is: Always play suited connectors well. If you can use suited connectors well, then you can improve your hand rankings in last rounds. You should also select connectors of decent size. You shouldn't misuse them and repent later.

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