Monday, November 23, 2009

Importance of Online Poker Tells

conventional poker tells

Online poker tells are not similar to offline or conventional poker tells. A tell can actually be defined as a movement or some action, which helps your opponent know about your cards. Generally poker tells are used offline rather than online, however while playing online there are some areas where players display their poker tells. Sometimes if you observe the way players play after seeing cards, you can come to know about their poker tells. For example: If a player keeps chatting continuously, and suddenly he stops talking after seeing cards, then you can understand that he is tensed seeing the card.
On the other hand if you see players saying strange words, then you have to assume that they have a strong hand, they use the art of bluffing to reveal their cards as weak. You shouldn't fall to such predictions and assume that they have a strong hand.

In an online game if a player calls quickly using two flush cards or two straight cards then it means a draw. Most of the players debate a call, you can assume such players as weak. If a person keeps raising preflop and drops flop, then assume that he is going to hit.

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