Monday, November 23, 2009

Poker Tells Part of Poker Strategy

online poker tells
Generally when a player wishes to play poker online, first thing that comes into his mind is "opponent process theory'. In this theory player learns tips to bluff his opponent using poker tells. Poker tells are poker strategy are interrelated to each other, a poker tell can be an action or any physical movement which helps the player in knowing about his opponent. Sometimes players display strong poker tells, and sometimes they display weaker ones. Whatever may be his/her's poker tell its always good to keep an eye on them, and make moves accordingly. Professional poker players use different poker tells, and take actions against their opponents. Such poker tells are of no use, because professionals know very well how to hide these poker tells.

Poker tells are perfect poker strategies because, these strategies not only depict physical behavior, they also show how strong is an opponent at head. These physical poker tells and mental poker tells, can be used only before the preflop. Its not good to check the poker tell of an opponent post preflop because its not only dangerous, but its also invaluable.

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