Thursday, November 19, 2009

Play Holdem Dont Forget Pre-flop Strategy

pre-flop strategy

Hold'em is an international card game, which should be played efficiently. You should know about pre-flop strategy and post flop strategy in order to win the game. What do you exactly mean by the world pre-flop. Basically in a poker game there are many rounds, and flop is also an important round. If you are playing the game before the flop then it is called as preflop and if you are playing the game after the flop, then it is called as post flop.

Ethics say that post flop and pre flop strategies are entirely different. Poker pros follow different methods post and pre flop to succeed in the game. Playing the game efficiently using the pre flop strategy, is higly recommended.

While thinking of preflop strategy player, should count the heads of other players present on the table. Its always good to know about current position, before actually playing the game. Sometimes ,postion means a lot and sometimes it doesnt. Its always good to know your position and plan things out

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