Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Texas Holdem Odds

Odds or occurrences say about how frequently cards appear on the table. Texas hold em odds help players in playing the hold em game efficiently and strategically. There are many limit and no limit Texas Hold em odds out there.

Here are some of the possibilities of Hand Combination's.

 Texas Holdem Odds
You can understand these combination s quite well.

1. Pairs include AA, KK, JJ, QQ, 1010, and so on.
2. Suited High cards include: AQ AK AJ A10 K10 KQ KJ QJ Q10 J10
3. Unsuited High cards include: AQ AJ AK A10 KJ KQ K10 Q10 QJ QK
4. Low suited and Medium Connectors Include : These connectors include both UN-gap and gap connectors. 109 108 j9 97 98 86 87 76 75 65 64 53 54

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