Thursday, November 19, 2009

Achieving Success Playing Online Poker

 online poker player

If you ask me why should i play poker, then i would say ultimately to win money and recognition. Well of course our strengths can be converted to weaknesses and vice versa. Poker is an international card game, having thousands of fans and admirers. When you have love then of course, you will have hatred too. When i started playing poker, most of my family members opposed me saying that "gambling is illegal", i never listened to them, because i believed in my abilities. Seriously when the first time i played poker, i felt quite happy and satisfied. I never got distracted and got addicted to poker.

My whole life i spent time on learning and earning money through poker, and this time i am going to play the world's first international tournament. What makes me feel proud is that i an not addicted to poker, but instead i just learn the game. I have achieved success in playing online poker, and now i am the leader to myself. I love playing this game and i would continue playing this game, until i get dejected.

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