Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ring Game Strategy VS Tournament Strategy

Poker Tournament Strategy
Ring games also called as single player games are far more different from tournaments. A ring game strategy is limited to few members, on the other hand a tournament strategy is unpredictable. Every time the hand changes, the player will change and different method should be employed to throw him out. This is why most of the players are afraid of playing poker tournaments.

If you are playing a poker tournament then you should be careful of implementing the ring game strategy. Although a poker tournament is an extension of ring game you should watch the game properly and make moves efficiently. In a poker tournament your normal ring game strategy wouldn't work. You should add some spice to that strategy, along with some efficient poker bluff and implement the same in the game.

Note: If you are playing a poker tournament, then understand its basic rules. As there are three variants in tournaments learn them and understand them well, before actually playing

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