Sunday, November 29, 2009

Limit Hold Em Strategy

holdem strategy

Limit Hold em is entirely different from no limit hold em. If you wish to play limit hold em you should be good at limit hold em strategy. There are various tips, to play limit hold em. Here are some of the key hold em strategy techniques, for your mutual benefits.
1. Choose a poker hold em table.
Choosing a good table is the first hold em strategy, if you choose a good table you will be able to make it to the top. This table allows you to do a lot of preflop action. Thus allowing you to earn more money.
2.While the game goes on, always keep a watch on the strength of your hand. You should use poker tells, other betting patterns and use some methods for knowing about hands of your fellow opponents.
3. How you treat your own cards, plays a key hold em strategy in the game. Even if you have weak hands, you shouldn't show your poker tells. Weak hands can turn into strong hands and vice-versa in limit hold em game.
4. Its always good to watch your position in the game, in a limit hold em game position plays a key role.
5. In a limit hold em game you should always "limp in" with raising bets, and put up an aggressive strategy.

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